Monday, September 27, 2010

Nellie Thomas

Maudie Casey, Jerry Horton,
Nellie Thomas and Dorothy Bunton
(all Hortons)
Hey guys. so this is probably my first real post about my family.

Starting with my grandmother on my mothers side.

Nellie Fay Thomas, maiden name is Horton, was born on February 20, 1928 to Grover and Lilly Horton. I learned that her dad, my great grandpa, was married to another woman and had two child I do believe. She talked about her growing up while I was recording her for my video that will be up soon... she said that she loved to dance when she was growing up. Her and her siblings would sneak out of the house and go to a dance hall... with no alcohol, but she pronounced it (al-key-hall) lol... she is so country.

Nellie Thomas @ 21
She said she liked to swim and they would "go down to the river" and have a good time... she also calls a pond a pool... not like a pool we have in our back yards these days but thats what they called them back then.

Her father was a good man she said, not hard on the punishment but was firm and did have to disipline her and her siblings every now and then. Her mom was a quite woman and "wasn't a tease or anything like that"... I didn't even know my grandma knew what that meant. LOL


  1. I second Haylee's comment. Thanks for showing us your video and letting us listen to your grandma's southern/country accent.haha